hi im kaj welcome 2 my website :3

i like making stuff on the computer. you can explore this place to see what i've been up to!

or just catch me on any of the sites below


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Trade Center

this 9/11 special is my first DJ mix / YTPMV as sodasteal. it a 12 minute assault on your eyes and ears. check it out!

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a casual show where me and schoolbook_depository talk about music, drugs, and the internet

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Kaj Desktop Companion

a cute dog widget for your windows desktop! talk to it, poke it, or just sit back and let it annoy you

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idaidaida EP

my friend ida's latest album, featuring me on half the tracks rapping about the stupidest bullshit imaginable

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if you have expendable income and enjoy giving money to random mentally ill people online the best place to do so would be on cashapp ($oryza) and the second best place would be on ko-fi (which is just paypal)

bandcamp and teespring don't make me much money because the former takes 15% and the latter takes like 90%. thank u :)