Kaj Desktop Companion

A cute scene dog for your Windows desktop!

To use it, just sit back and let it annoy you. Double-click it to access the Dog Menu, or right click to access the System Menu, which has many options, such as changing her appearance.

Also, don't worry, it only makes sounds when clicked.

You can update your Kaj at the top of the System Menu, labeled "Check for Updates"!

Download (.exe) .nar (for SSP)


- is cute
- says random things every few minutes
- makes sounds when you click it
- can empty your recycle bin
- mines kajcoin (jk)
- demonstrations: dialog, sounds


- Double click - open the Dog Menu
- Right click - opens the System Menu - F1 - opens the readme
- T - make Kaj say a random message
- R - repeat Kaj's previous message
- Ctrl+Shift+F12 - bring Kaj back onscreen

What is Ukagaka/SSP?

Ukagaka is a kind of Japanese desktop mascot software dating back to the early 2000s. The software itself (at least for Windows) is SSP, with the proper term for characters being Ghosts. You can go down this rabbithole by searching "Ukagaka", but there's not a whole lot in English for it.


- Based on Zarla's Ukagaka template
- Art by fursonas98
- Balloon by Fox Typewriter