Kaj Strife


I'M A RAPPER! I've been rapping since 2017 on and off, and it's a lot of fun.

You can listen to my dog raps on SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Spotify!

Songs Producer Released
shitfart666 ida deerz 2022-06-03
borkycore ida deerz 2022-06-03
TEAMKILL ida deerz 2022-05-20
Invisor Noxw 2022-02-17
GEOCITIES ida deerz 2021-08-09
downcast omniq 2021-07-24
distant mirror / system32 2a03fox 2021-07-19
bogos binted 2a03fox 2021-05-24
xux2 I Am A Knife 2021-04-23
post irony is overrated anyways I Am A Knife 2021-04-23
intro I Am A Knife 2021-04-23